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Urban Botanica’s bespoke bouquets are fabulous for restaurants, retail, office or receptions alike. They are perfect for that special occasion and make an instant statement leaving a

lasting impression. Tropical flowers have great longevity, some lasting up to 2-3 weeks.

The containers are made of a variety of materials from ceramics to glassware

and can be specifically chosen to suit every occasion.

Foliage use has an integral role in arrangements with magnificent tones, forms and textures they make for a dramatic feature when on display. With long vase life, tropical foliage adds an exotic dimension. Imagine your home, office or event filled with lush tropical varieties of philodendrons, giant monstera leaves, palm fronds and variegated ginger leaves.

Urban Botanica supplies indoor plants and pots to fit out your home, offices, events or conferences. Add ambience with live plants. There is a wide scope of plant varieties and sizes available, from sculptural Rhapis palms to large leafed Spathiphyllums. 

With vast experience and horticultural knowledge, UB offers a plant maintenance service to maintain your lush investments.

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